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Part Worn Tyres

Part Worn Tyres in Somerset

Here at Radstock Metals, based in Radstock in Somerset, we take pride in selling high-quality part worn tyres. These are available to our customers at the fraction of the cost of a new tyre. Our selection of nearly new tyres range from 10″ tyres to 18″ and includes wheels for vans and 4×4 vehicles.

Safe Second Hand Tyres

All our part worn tyres are fully checked before sale to ensure they are roadworthy and have a minimum tread of 5mm. The legal minimum tread depth for tyres is 1.6mm. Therefore, our customers can be sure that our partworn tyres have a decent life span. Many of our used tyres are from a range of quality tyre manufacturers, so you can be sure you are investing in quality part worn tyres.

How Much Do Part Worn Tyres Cost?

Our standard price for all tyre sizes is £20, plus an additional inexpensive fitting fee. Our part worn tyres offer incredible value for money, and when you compare this to the cost of a new tyre you will save at least 50%. There is no compromise in terms of quality when purchasing one of our second hand tyres. Customers can be sure they are purchasing through a trusted dealer, that priorities customer safety. Furthermore, we always ensure our prices are affordable.

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Professional Tyre Fitting Service in Somerset

At Radstock Metals we endeavour to make our professional tyre service as quick as possible. Our experts are fully trained in the industry and will never change a tyre that doesn’t need changing. Additionally, once the tyre has been changed, we will balance it to ensure tracking is correct, increasing the life span of the tyre.

Benefits of Part Worn Tyres

Part worn tyres offer many benefits. Firstly, they are an affordable and cost-effective alternative to buying brand-new tyres. However, due to this lowered price, some people believe the quality is also lowered, but this is not the case at Radstock Metals. We always ensure our used tyres are the best possible quality and well within legal requirements. In addition to this, buying part worn tyres is an environmentally friendly option, saving unnecessary waste from going to landfill.

Contact Us

For more information about our part worn tyres and the stock we currently have here in Radstock, please contact us. Our helpful staff will be able to provide sound advice and let you know what tyres we have in stock. Call us today on 01761 434 759.

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